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Reading #15, 16 – Ch. 8 & 9 June 12, 2009

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These chapters deal with how to keep yourself out there and keeping you in peoples minds. He also covered things you can do when you are finding it difficult to find a job. You can enter yourself in design competitions, which are like beauty pageants for designers, but are great ways to get noticed. You can also join organizations that are centered in the design world this lets you network, and that is really important. You can go to conventions and lectures and network there to. Then he talks about the creative process and creative briefs, how to create and live by a personal creative philosophy. He also talks about how to collaborate.

Self Promotion Creative Process


Reading #12, 13, 14 – Ch. 5, 6, 7

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These chapters deal with how to set up your own space and studio, how to get employees and how to keep them. How to develop and nurture a creative staff, and even the mundane aspects of running a studio. One of the most interesting things about this chapter was that finding employees can be so hard, because if they are any good they have aspirations of setting up their own studio, so they are basically just marking time before they move off into their own career. How to promote yourself and strategies to get the job done were also covered. He also touches on clients and how to deal with difficult and tedious clients, as well as nurturing your great clients.



Reading # 9, 10, 11 – Ch. 2, 3, 4

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The next three chapters deal with how to get a job, working freelance and setting up your own office. The book does a pretty good job at letting you know how you can approach this. He also goes into portfolios and the interview process, what you can expect and how you should be prepared. What are the benefits of working freelance or sharing a space with a partner. If you should work from home or rent a studio. When the time comes to set up your own studio, what do you need to, know? Business plans, location scouting, who you want to work with or even what your name should be? I found this to be very good information and was some of the most practical and helpful stuff I’ve gotten out of the book yet.



Reading #8 Forward, Introduction & Ch. 1

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This Real ArtStefan Sagmeister writes the forward, he discussed his career and how he dealt with the difficulties inherent in the field. He advises that you must get away from your job, and take a break, this way you can recharge. Adrian Shaughnessy says that this book is just what the world needs, yet another book about design, but as he says this one is about the dirty bits, its by designers for designers so it is a bit more in the trenches than others. Chapter one tells us about the three things a modern designer needs, Cultural Awareness, Communication, and a sense of integrity.


Reading #7 Personas: Practice & Theory

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Personna Mapping“Personas: Pra ctice and Theory” was very interesting it covers how to sort of create a ideal person to build your ideas around. This ideal user prototype is based on the data you have collected from research and other studies. This helps you to be able to create predictably successful ideas because you are creating a sort of synthesis with your data, to create one ideal person. This helps you be able to look past the individual tastes and ideas of the people you are studying and get to a consensus to help you create better design.


Reading #6 Emotion Through Design

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Sagmeister AIGA Poster

“Is it possible to touch somebody’s heart with design?” This is the question from Sagmeister. He recalls his time at the 1997 AIGA National Conference in New Orleans. He talked about the swag that the attendees received. It was “well produced fluff” but it didn’t make any real impression other than it was pretty. So he wants to prove from his experiences that design can provoke an emotional response. He outlined his 6 qualities that are essential for good design that can touch the heart.

1. New Perspective
“They have the ability to make me see things in a new way.”
2. Trigger of Memories
“Somehow they remind me of an experience, maybe of my childhood.”
3. Passion and Guts
“They show passion and commitment.”
4. Surprise
“There is an element of unexpectedness.”
5. Virtuosity
“There is virtuosity of craft or technique-or simply just the astonishment that somebody can be good at something.”
6. Beauty
“And then there is beauty or whatever I see as beauty.”

Life Instructions

I really loved his list and examples. Some of these same items I have also seen and really love. Some of these things I have never seen but would love to in my lifetime. I believe that this list is essential for great design that will touch people.

Walter Demaria Lightening Ann Hamilton Wet Wall


A Fun Time in LEGO Land! June 10, 2009

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AFOL Logo_1.2 Well, it’s that time, the end of the term. All the final prjects are turned in and the waiting begins for the final assessment. It was great fun working on this project. I would actually like to expand it more to the AFOLs and figure out a way to produce some of these items for them. What I liked most about this job was the interaction with the AFOLs and the Non-AFOLs. I only got to interact with the community via emails and the websites they directed me to for additional information. Some of them were really great for information and just fun to communicate with. I also have to give a shout out to the great employees at the LEGO Store at Washington Square, especially Tom the manager. I couldn’t have done it without them. (I’m planning a special little package to send them as a thank you, that’s the reciprocity part right?) He gave me so much additional information I couldn’t get it all into this project. I plan to expand it further with more information graphics and “educational” materials.

After all the communication with the community and the LEGO Store, I found out that the AFOL community actually influences the LEGO corporation more than they are influenced by it. They have been involved in many of the corporate design plans for new sets and many of them have had their sets produced by the company for sale all over the world. The licensed Master LEGO builders get spots in the Nieman Marcus holiday catalog. You can actually order one of the Master Builders to make a life sized replica of you. It’s not cheap, but very cool! The AFOL community has also been heavily involved in the educational side of LEGO. A Few years back LEGO contacted some of the AFOLs from around the country (Portland included) to be a part of the Mindstorms project which are educational building sets for children.

On the other side of the LEGO community are the other people who are adults that don’t regularly play with LEGO. From what I found out from my LEGO free build a couple of weekends ago, most everybody loved their LEGO bricks as a child, most of them hadn’t really played with them since. They still had a great time and came up with some pretty fun original creations. If I remember correctly from the surveys, some of them even said they would contemplate playing with them again. Awesome! another AFOL convert!

As a fun note, one of my dear friends from 7th grade who also works at Pixar, was just featured in the latest Brick Journal Magazine, one of the official magazines for the LEGO community. Great Job Angus!

In closing, this again was a great project that I really enjoyed working on. I had so many more ideas that I just couldn’t add into the final project due to time constraints. But they are not forgotten. I still have plans for them.

Have a great summer! And remember Play Well!


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