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Reading #1 Loving Laura More April 2, 2009

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Laura Lark, Bread Face, 2007

Laura Lark, Bread Face, 2007

Andrea Grover met Laura Lark in a Houston art class in 1995. She was standing in for a model that did not show up. During the session she kept looking in on Laura’s sketch of her. Sometime later they bumped into each other at the grocery store and from then on they were friends. Over time Andrea was able to get an idea of Laura’s life from the bits and pieces she would tell her.

It wasn’t until around 2002 when Laura was doing the “assignments” from the site created by Portland State Instructor Harrell Fletcher. The site is made up of different types of assignments that are meant to be completed and posted back to the site for responses. There are social interactions, fun creative projects, and uplifting stories that anyone can participate in and share their experience.

Finished product for LTLYM #1

Finished product for LTLYM #1

Laura started with assignment #1 by taking a child’s clothing item and making it adult size. She ended up making an adult sized footie pajama. She did many of the other projects and then she got to #14, write your life story in less than a day. After she wrote her amazing story and posted it back to the site it was so well received, that Harrell created a new assignment based on it. This new assignment’s (#22) criteria was to take a part of Laura’s life and reenact it and post the video to the site. The impact of this assignment was so huge, it went international and people from different countries were participating.

Sections of the LTLYM site, assignments #14 & #22

Sections of the LTLYM site, assignments #14 & #22

After the overwhelming response to the project, Harrell contacted Andrea, who was running a theater at the time, and created an event where the submitted videos would be played and the audience members were encouraged to read sections of the story out loud. The evening was a huge success.

Since then Laura has had gallery showings of her own all over the country and world.

Primp Indigo Installation Lawndale Art Center

Primp Indigo Installation Lawndale Art Center


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  2. Lis Charman Says:

    hello! nice work in class and on blog! start posting your thinking on the term-long so your thinking process / ideas are developing and share it with us!

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