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Everyone Can Draw April 11, 2009

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After a long trying process I think I have finally come up with a term long project! Yippee! How many times have you heard peope say “I can’t draw”? I know I’m one of those people who does not have the best drawing skills. Whenever I come up against the blank page and I have to sketch something out, my mind goes blank. The signals from my brain don’t make it to my hand and the pencil.

l40135Well, here’s the theory. Everyone can be creative and draw. My plan is to come up with a series of pages that have swatches of color or patterns on them that do not have any kind of outlined shape like a coloring book for example. It will be a reverse of a coloring book. Each page will be different and start from a really basic grouping of multiple colors and get more complicated. More complicated groupings of color or patterns and make some of the color combinations more muted or monochromatic. The user would come up with their line art with what they see within the spaces of the color or pattern. Each of these pages would hopefully build up someone’s confidence in their drawing skills to when they get to the end of the book and face the last page that is blank, they won’t be intimidated by the blank page. I would end up making a book of these pages and packaging them with a few simple drawing tools; a pencil, marker, crayon, charcoal, and a piece of graphite. All these tools would be black.

darthandleiacoloring-1With a standard coloring book the lines and spaces are already defined for you. I want people to define their own creativity and not to be frightened by a blank page. I think this could be a fun experiment, it will be interesting to see what kind of images people come up with. This could be a program for people of all ages. The deliverables could include the book, t-shirts, custom pencils or pens, a pencil cup for storage, a large scale poster of a page posted in the hall for anyone to come up and draw on. For more user research, I could take the pages to community centers that have drawing classes and leave them with the class along with a feedback page. This program would introduce the 5 basic elements of design: line, color, shape, texture, and space.

I’m still flushing out the rest of the concept, but I think it is a good start. If anyone has any questions or comments, please leave leave them for me.



2 Responses to “Everyone Can Draw”

  1. Lis Charman Says:

    great! excited to talk more about this in class!

  2. Lis Charman Says:

    oh! keep developing ways to open up creativity – like your reference to Learning to Love you more – suggest talk to Harrell – we can have him come back? and suggest pushing the ideas with visual posts of creative and visual ideas!

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