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LEGOs Are Not Just For Kids April 16, 2009

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As of this morning I have now changed my Term Long Project. I decided to direct my efforts to something that is closer to my heart, LEGOs!


I love LEGOs! I am what those in the community would call an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). I’m also one of the rarer forms of an AFOL, I’m a female. We are the minority in the community. I want to design my project around the rest of us in the AFOL world. I don’t have the actual statistics yet but, the LEGO community is primarily adults (male). More kids are getting into LEGO because of all the pop culture licensed sets like Star Wars, Harry Potter & Indiana Jones. They are not my focus. I want to show the OCD world of the adult collector. By the end of all of this, I’m hoping I can assimilate more of you into the collective.


For my research/historical reference I am planning to build a LEGO time line out of actual bricks and pieces. I am going to include dates and the significant milestones of the company. The landmark releases of important pieces, sets, and mini-figures (mini-figs). If I am lucky I will actually be able to bring it into class for you all to see.

My audience participation/interaction will revolve around me bringing in an assortment of bricks and pieces in multiple colors and  set up a space in one of the rooms to host a group build. I want to make it graphic design related, so I was thinking about creating a dinensional typeface or a more conceptual piece for all of you to build. There will be no preconceived instruction booklet, just your imaginations. If anyone has a suggestion for something you would like to see built out of LEGOs, please post a comment. I will photograph the event and get feedback from everyone who participates.

My deliverables list is way too long and varied. I need to priortize my plans. At this point there will be T-shirts with witty taglines and images, PSAs about the dangers of letting kids have your LEGOs, posters with a Greenpeace spin on them, buttons, bumper stickers, etc…sculpture

I also want to present LEGO as an art form. There is more to them that just opening a box and making a pre-planned set designed by the big brain people at LEGO headquarters who need degrees from MIT to work there. There are only a handful of people in the world who are licensed by LEGO to build models, sculptures, and re-creations of famous works of art and make a living off of it. These guys make the most amazing sculptures from the humble LEGO brick.

Well, there it is my rough plan for my term long project. I look forward to see what all of you think. I think it will be a ton of fun.

By the way LEGO means Play Well. That is my little contribution to you all, play well.



2 Responses to “LEGOs Are Not Just For Kids”

  1. Lis Charman Says:

    great post!

  2. Ed Says:

    Haha “AFOL.” I too, love Legos. This is cool.

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