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Interactive Website Inspiration May 7, 2009

Filed under: 470 Projects — Aimee @ 9:10 am

After our group meetings today, I came home and started researching websites that had the kind of interactivity I was looking for for my LEGO time line. I’ll post the links to these sites at the bottom of this blog. Please check them out, they’re great!

The first one is for NASA’s 50th anniversary. It has the kind of date structure that I am looking to create. As you click on each decade the images shifts to a building that represents the type of structure that was common then. It also plays popular music from the time. I’m mainly looking at the date structure along the bottom. Here are some samples of the pages:


The second one is for a type foundry called Our Type. This site is great for it’s scrolling feature. You grab the little orange scroll box on the right side and drag it to wherever you want to see samples of a particular type face. This is what I had in mid for scrolling along the built modular LEGO time line segments. As you stop at a particular scene, either a pop-up will appear or I’ll make it look like some kind of a rollover effect that will display additional information about that scene and the LEGO fact it represents. Here’s a sample of that site:


Please let me know what you think. Thanks!


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