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Reading #6 Emotion Through Design June 12, 2009

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Sagmeister AIGA Poster

“Is it possible to touch somebody’s heart with design?” This is the question from Sagmeister. He recalls his time at the 1997 AIGA National Conference in New Orleans. He talked about the swag that the attendees received. It was “well produced fluff” but it didn’t make any real impression other than it was pretty. So he wants to prove from his experiences that design can provoke an emotional response. He outlined his 6 qualities that are essential for good design that can touch the heart.

1. New Perspective
“They have the ability to make me see things in a new way.”
2. Trigger of Memories
“Somehow they remind me of an experience, maybe of my childhood.”
3. Passion and Guts
“They show passion and commitment.”
4. Surprise
“There is an element of unexpectedness.”
5. Virtuosity
“There is virtuosity of craft or technique-or simply just the astonishment that somebody can be good at something.”
6. Beauty
“And then there is beauty or whatever I see as beauty.”

Life Instructions

I really loved his list and examples. Some of these same items I have also seen and really love. Some of these things I have never seen but would love to in my lifetime. I believe that this list is essential for great design that will touch people.

Walter Demaria Lightening Ann Hamilton Wet Wall


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